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x86 Modules

x86 Architecture

· Optimised for Ultra Low Power
· Extended temperature range
· Highest reliability, 24/7 certified
· Robust design
· Protective coating available

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The Power Architecture® based modules are a perfect fit for all applications requiring high The TQMx86 product portfolio is based on latest Intel® 64-bit embedded CPUs

in the mid to high range performance class. To support scalability and interchangeability, all CPU modules are based on industrial standards like COM Express® and SMARC.

This enables future proof platform concepts with most flexibility in CPU, graphics and interface performance. The x86 architecture which is a CISC (complex instruction set computing)

architecture with full backward compatibility guarantees easiest software implementation and cost efficient usage of existing functions and ready-made software applications.

There are additional innovations such as separated video encode/ decode engines, security and advanced management, hyper threading (HT), TurboBoost and virtualization. 



KEY FEATURES                                 


     Wide range scalability with full software compatibility

     Most flexible in software/operating systems

     Plug-and-Play for hardware and software

     Up to high end integrated graphics

     Up to 32 GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2400 high speed memory (> 30 Gb/s)

     Performance-per-Watt optimized by intelligent power management and Intel®’s leading fabrication processes 






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