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ARM Modules

ARM Architecture


· Long-term available

· Cost effective through highest integration

· Low power dissipation

· ​All CPU interfaces are available

· ​Simple and cost-effective development of baseboard

· Extended temperature range


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ARM® based minimodules represent a very high integration of functionalities and CPU-interfaces, which enable cost-optimized systems. Using the latest processor technology from NXP or Texas Instruments. ARM® minimodules are not only state-of-theart, but already ahead of today’s industry’s world. Additionally ARM® based systems operate at low power consumption and optimized processing power. The high availability of interfaces enables most system requirements to be implemented with minimal time effort. This interface variety, a free choice of the operating system and the optimal application support for various industries makes ARM® based modules universally applicable. We offer a long-term availability of 10-15 years for our ARM®​




     High integration

     Cost-optimized systems

     Low power loss with optimized processing power

     Versatility of interfaces

     Free choice of operating system

     Long-term availability 










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